USD 10 Million Per Year

We are dealing with Electric bike and Electric bike kits more than 10 years, produce motor by ourselve , everyday produce motor 2000pcs. Most of motor moulds are developed by ourselves, from 250w to 5000w, for exporting, one year is about 10000pcs, quality is very stable. Electric bike models are EU design, li-on battery series, our developing group are always searching for better Ebikes.


Exported 50 Countries

Founded in 2003


SAILI - Brave To Be Yourself

This is an era flooded with homogenization, an era of all calling for individuality, an era of enjoying self-expression.
From the brand SAILI, start the era of cycling private treasures for you, let your riding becomes a scenery.
SAILI, a persistent person who still chooses to go his own way in the market that everyone goes with the flow.
No one is willing to live the same life as anyone else, we often just choose to compromise when we are still not fully satisfied on the material level. But in fact, we all want to live our own lives.
SAILI is for cyclists who are really willing to pursue themselves.
SAILI, cycling born to be different, for a different you, making different landscape.