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Tips to Buy The Best Fat Tire E-bike

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When you are interested in getting a fat tire electric bike, you may want to know which suits you more.

There are many options available in the market; it can get confusing when choosing for yourself.

So, here are some considerations that you need to take care before buying an electric bike.

Types of Fat Tire E-Bikes

Fat Tire Mountain E-bikes – these are suitable for riding off-road and on trails. These come with similar features as conventional mountain bikes, such as full-size frames. Folding Fat Tire E-bikes – these are bikes with smaller frames and can easily be folded. These bikes are perfect for daily commuters or family trips.

Hunting Fat Tire Electric Bikes – these are similar to mountain fat tire e-bikes, except they come with specs and complimenting accessories suitable for hunting or other outdoor activities.All-rounder Fat Tire E-Bikes – these bikes have full-size frames, suitable for daily commuters. They trade off affordability with some high specs.

Frame Size

The fat tire e-bike frames are similar to the conventional bikes, except they are widened at the front fork and rear seat to accommodate the fat tires. If you already own a conventional bike, use its frame measurements as a reference to get your fat tire e-bike. Otherwise, you’ll need to take some measurements. Your height, the height of your inseam (not the pant size), torso, and the length of your arm will help you decide which of the available options suit you best.

Position of the Motor

The type of motor used in an e-bike has an impact on its performance. Fat tire e-bikes have motors in one of three positions;

Front hub

Rear hub


Mountain and hunting bikes employ mid-drive motors. They offer more power and balance. Consequently, they are more expensive and suggested for those planning to bike off-road. General commuters and those riding on flat surfaces are good with front or rear hub motors.Power consideration for an e-bike motor depends on your weight and where you live. You need a less powered battery if you weigh less and live in a flat area and vice versa.


Consider three things when choosing the brakes of a fat tire e-bike; brake rotor size, pistons, and whether they are mechanical or hydraulic. Bigger brake rotor size and more pistons offer better braking power but add to cost. Mechanical brakes use a cable to pull the brake lever whereas, hydraulic brakes use fluid pressure to do the same.

Hydraulic breaks give an overall better experience, but they are more costly. You should only invest in them if you like to travel off-road and on tracks more often.


Just like regular bikes, these bikes also usually come with front suspensions. You can also find models with both front and rear suspensions. Since dual-suspension adds cost, you should only consider them if you plan to engage in intense trail riding, or similar other activities that could benefit from additional suspension.


Fat tire e-bikes are more comfortable to ride. They let you explore more terrains and generally speaking, are easy to maintain. Since they are electrically powered, you may be tempted to enjoy the outdoors longer than you would with a conventional bike. Once you decide your purpose of buying one, with the right information, you can easily find a budget-friendly option.