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We Are Saili Motor

Saili Motor brand was founded in 2006. At that time, electric bicycles in the Chinese market were just beginning to be popular. We made motor products for electric bicycles , From bicycles to electric bicycles. The main drive part  is motor. The power of motor is the core advantage of an electric bicycle, so we named our motor "Saili Motor ". means Superpower ,We mainly produce direct motor with higher power for domestic electric bicycle market.

By 2010, The ebike conversion kit is getting popular in European and American countries. We have developed 250W  high-speed geared motors for the European market, and supply  750W-1000W direct motors for the American market, and provided the complete set of conversion kit with li-on battery, including controller ,display and motor protocol matching . At present, our ebike conversion kit products are selling to global markets.

In 2016, we start to assemble complete ebike ,we have advantages in frame ,motor control system ,and developing our own system, after more than ten years experiences in ebike products, Saili Motor will be known by more and more peoples.

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