Global Dealer Cooperation Strategy

We have a complete service system and provide after-sales service 24 hours a day to meet the needs of dealers in the first time.


 1.Dealers training

We will provide dealers with product manuals, regularly organize dealer training, teach product-related knowledge and vehicle troubleshooting methods, improve dealer management theory and practice, and help dealers train related skills; stimulate dealers’ enthusiasm for cooperation and let dealers understand the development situation of the electric bike industry, and major events cooperate with dealers for publicity, so that dealers and Saili can form a strong cooperative strategic alliance within the company, thereby ensuring the continuous increase in sales.

 2.Warranty service

When the dealer buys bicycles in bulk at Saili, they will automatically register for the warranty. Our bikes are of excellent quality and are guaranteed to have an ultra-low failure rate. Problem bikes are replaced free of charge, core components are replaced free of charge, and vulnerable parts are provided to dealers. Please refer to the Warranty Policy.

 3.Assembly guide

For dealers who purchase complete bicycles, your bikes will arrive mostly assembled. We will provide tools and an assembly video, and our bicycles can be assembled in 20 minutes.
For dealers who purchase parts to assemble, we can provide detailed bicycle assembly videos, including step-by-step instructions, which are easy to understand and can be completed without the need for mechanics who disassemble and assemble the bicycle.

 4.Pre-order new products

When we develop new competitive products, we will notify old clients via email in time, so that dealers have time to stock up in advance, we will also provide more favorable wholesale prices to ensure that dealers have sufficient profit margins, and gain an advantage in market competition.