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Does temperature affect lithium battery ?

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About Ebike Lithium Battery

Present, lithium battery is the most widely used battery on ebikes,it's maintenance-free, high energy density and long cycle life. Among all the factors, temperature does the greatest impact on the lithium battery, it will affect the chemical reaction efficiency inside the battery. 

Lower temperature will lead to lower chemical reaction efficiency inside the battery; As the temperature rises, the output power of the battery will increase.  So here comes the question, does high temperature and low temperature hurt the lithium battery of ebikes?

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Effect Of High Temperature

If the temperature rises, the output power will rise , because the higher temperature can increase the chemical reaction efficiency inside the battery. However,if the temperature is over 45℃,it might break the balance of chemical reaction inside the battery ,also it will lead to side reactions or damage the battery permanently . 

To protect the battery , you batter not use you battery at a high temperature , as you can see some videos on youtube which throw the mobile phone into the boiling water ,the phone will show Tips of high temperature .

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Effect Of Low Temperature

As the temperature decreases, the chemical reaction efficiency inside the battery will also decrease, you can feel the power output is decrease ; the energy density drops too.

If you just use the battery at low temperature(not too low) for a short time , it just affect the capacity temporarily . But if it's used for a long time ,or below -40℃ , the battery might be freezed ,that will damage the battery permanently .

Charging at low temperature will also damage the battery permanently ,so some battery will equip the smart B(attery) M(anagement) S(ystem) or other devices to protect the battery; that's the reason why some brand of mobile phone cannot be charged at low temperature.

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What Does Other Said

I searched the internet ,some said that Lithium-ion battery should be charged at a range of 0 °C to 45° C, and discharged between -20° C and 55° C ;

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The other said the ideal working temperature is between 10℃ and 60 ℃.

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Lithium battery's charge and discharge performance remain good at higher temperatures(Not too high) compared to other battery.

sailimotor ebike battery

So ,according to many references ,we suggest that we can use the lithium battery at easy , it is we use the battery ,not the battery use us . And i think most of people won't use the ebike at outside for a long time when the temperature is below 0℃ or above 40℃ .