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Factors Affect Range Of An Electric Bike

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Ride Mode

According to the drive mode your electric bike have, the ride mode you choose would affect the range of your ebike. Some ebikes have the ECO / comfort / normal / sport mode .For example ,our sailimotor ebike conversion kit , when use the SW900 display ,we can set the PAS as no-assist / ECO / standard / power mode . 

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In daily use ,we suggest the ECO mode ,that's enough for use ;but when you need speed ,you can set the PAS in power ,boost up! If youre Preparing to be out for a long distance ,we recommended you switch to ECO mode and pedal as you can when in tough terrains ; when in flat terrains ,you can try turn into no assist mode ,exercise is good for health ,right ?



I mean the the weight load on the electric bike ,such as your weight ,your cargo .It will also decide how far can go before next charge.

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If you prefer travelling long distances, you should only bring things what is necessary ,too much weight will slow you down.Especially when climbing uphill ,more weight will take more electric power to propel the whole bike .



The terrain where you ride with will also effect on the range of your electric bike.

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Steep hills / rough ground / moddy terrain will dry your battery fast ; If you downhill at a long distance , your battery might getting charge by the direct motor .

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When ride at flat terrain , it won't drain much power. We suggest you make a route plan ahead , so you can choose flat terrains as possible or take the short cut .

Ride Tech

' What !? ride tech ? Did ride bike have any tech ? i thought any one with legs can do that. '  YES ,that right ! The ride technique will also have an effect on the range of your ebike. Like pedal cadence , gear using , suspension set .

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It will be helpful if you are a 'old' bike rider ,because you are experienced in riding ,that will help in increasing the range of electric bikes.Such as choosing the suitable gears for different terrains, turn off the front fork and rear suspension when at flat terrain.

ebike riding skills

Riding habits is also important ,if you keep in high speed or accelerate immediately ,that will drain you battery fast.



Many factors can affect battery's range ,temperatures,cell quality,cell capacity... Low temperature will reduce the battery's efficiency,high temperature will reduce the reliability, we recommend to charged at a range of 0 °C to 45° C, and discharged between -20° C to 55° C.

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When stored ,they should be in a cool and dry place and keep it 60% remaining capacity,do not fully charged or drain empty.The quality and capacity of battery cells are also important ,LG/SAMSUMG is wise choose.


Tyre Types

That's right ,the types of tyre will also affect the range of your electric bike. HOW ? Let me explain ,rolling resistance ;it has nothing todo with your riding style ,just the tyre.

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Fat tyre(3.0/4.0/4.5) have less range compared with the normal tyre(1.5/1.95/2.125),on the one hand ,fat tyre are more heavy ,but it's not the main cause; on the other hand,fat tyre do have much more rolling resistance than the normal tyre ,this is the main cause.

ebike riding skills

But ,easy ,bro ,that won't effect too much on your ebike range. Different tyre are using for various terrains, fat tyre can give you more grip ,normal tyre are more strength saving .

ebike riding skills

If you need something ,you must give up something ,so we can't tell you which is  absolutely best.