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How Far Can Electric Bike Go?

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Test results :

36V 13Ah   battery has 30-40 miles of range (48-64km)

36V 16Ah   battery has 38-45 miles of range (61-72km)

36V 18Ah   battery has 42-50 miles of range (67-80km)

48V 13Ah   battery has 40-50 miles of range (64-80km)

48V 16Ah   battery has 50-60 miles of range (80-96km)

48V 19.2Ah  battery has 60-70 miles of range (96-112km)

48V 21Ah   battery has 65-75 miles of range (105-122km)

Note :

Test in pure electric mode.

The rider weight about 70kg.

Test speed is around 15 mph (24km/h).

There are uphills and downhills with many traffic lights during the test.

The actual mileage will be farther if there is pedal assist.

Here is a test video about 48V 13Ah battery with a 1000W Direct drive rear motor :

Electric bikes have been more popular in the last couple of years. The extra power from the motor can boost you up at many terrains. With powerful lithium ion batteries, you can travel long distances easily without sweat.

We recommended that you always check your battery before the trip. I think you don’t want to out of power during the middle way. So ,you should take care of your battery's capacity remaining .Bro, easy ,easy ,you don’t need to worry about the battery is dead ,you can also ride your ebike as a normal bike ,that will not be much more difference .

Then begs the question, how is the battery capacity of an electric bike should we choose?Good news is , you can refer to the test result for different battery capacity above . So you can have an ideal how far can your electric bike go.

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According to my test above, it will takes 8.5 to 11 Wh per kilometer (13.6~17.6Wh/mile). That means you can drive about 64~80 km with a 48V 13Ah ( Wh = voltage * amphour ) battery in pure electric mode. If you intend on travelling a long distance,you will need bigger battery.

Why i didn't say which motor i used ? That because NO Matter the motor power from 250 watt to 3000 watt , during common use at around 24 km/h on flat terrain with 70kg rider , the realtime power of the motor will be around 150 watt .