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Why choosing a fat tire electric bike ?

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As the COVID restrictions are easing up in different parts of the world, this is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. If you are up for some adventure, it might be a good idea to indulge in the fat tire electric bike. 

Not know what this is? As the name suggests, its tires are thicker than regular one. Which means they can brave most kinds of terrains. On the other side, they are a little harder to pedal. But why suggest the fat tire electric bike, you may ask? Because even though they are hard to pedal, they have electric motors to support you when you pedal.

What is the point of getting a electric bike ? If you want to enjoy the outdoors while working out . The good thing is you can do both with the all-terrain fat tire electric bike.Sure fat tire electric bike is a little harder to pedal compared with ordinary bicycles, but the electric motor helps you deal with that. How about I break it down for you to understand; Why is it a good idea to get a fat tire electric bike?

Lesser Flat Tires

The fat tire electric bikes are less likely to puncture, due to the tire’s thick walls and sturdy structure. The sidewall of the fat tire is tall enough to prevent a complete compression . That means a fat tire does get a puncture, but less often than the regular ones. Fat tire are heavier than regular one.

More Comfortable

It is probably one of the most satisfying features of fat tire electric bikes. Since the tires are fatter and thicker, they retain more air and work well with lesser air pressure. So, when you hit a bump, the fat tire electric bike can cushions the effect and helping you to stay in control. With better control on the wheel, you become a more confident rider. You can also adjust the tire pressure for various surfaces, lower for off-road surfaces and higher for firm ground.

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Fit for All Terrains

Since fat tires are big and functional at different pressure levels, they work great on varying terrains. You get a better grip even on some strenuous surfaces. The extra contact surface of a fat tire enables a good impression even when the ground is not so good. You can enjoy your ride on a snowy surface also you can on a beach. Increase the tire pressure; you can ride on the pavement easily. How much you enjoy fat tire electric bikes and the number of surfaces you can handle; depends on your skill level. Once you get handle of it and practice your way to gain better control, you will have more and more fun with the fat tire electric bike.

fat tires ebike

Great Workout

Cycling is a full-body workout. The effects doubled when you are using a fat tire electric bike. Since these tires are heavier, you need more efforts to pedal the electric bike when the motor is off.Therefore, enabling you to engage in a more intense workout.