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Why do i choose electric bicycle ?

Views: 41     Author: K     Publish Time: 2022-09-03      Origin: Site

Hello ,This is K from sailimotor .Today i suddenly have an ideal ,I want to convert one of my old mountain bike into an electric bike . I have serveral bikes but i seldom ride them  since i often drove last year .

electric bike kit 01

Although Cycling can exercise ,but if i feel tired on the half way and want to go home for a rest ,i need to ride home again ! Oh god ,i'm already very tired !

So ,the electric bike is the best soluation . When exercise ,I can ride it as a normal bike ,When tired ,I can ride it as an electric bike ,That is awesome .

Just 2 steps ,We can convert any bike into electric bike :

Step 1 :


Buy an electric bike kit ,like this .

electric bike 02

Step 2 :

Put all those tings on your bike ,Let's get it done .

electric bike 03

Then ,Enjoy riding your new electric bike ~

electric bike 04

If you want know more details about how to install an electric bike , 

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