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For the traditional electric bike kit maunfactruer , there may be multi-level agents and trading companies between electric bike kit manufacturers . Distributors have been compressed profit margins and it is difficult to solve after-sales problems.

From the experience gained from global dealers, the direct contact between electric bike manufacturers and distributors is a quite important step, especially for small electric bike kit dealers that are just starting up to engage in the ebike industry.

We treat every distributor equally, wherever you come from, no matter the scale is. We has its own hub motor factory and is committed to providing high quality ebike kits directly to distributors. This is what distinguishes us from traditional manufacturers.
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Quality Control
Incoming Quality Control
When the accessories arrive in the warehouse, the inspector starts to check the incoming materials. At this time, the number of samples to be checked should not be too little, so as not to cause greater trouble in the production process. Inspectors will eliminate the products that do not meet the relevant technical standards and ensure that every accessory used in production is a qualified product.
Ongoing Quality Control
Carry out fatigue tests on the frame, including testing the frame cracking, fracture, and shock absorption function. Only after that, we start painting frames and spraying brand logos. For the sample ebike, we will test its function, performance, and appearance, and must obtain an experimental report. The factory will organize mass production when the sample ebike is qualified. During the assembly process, the bicycles will be adjusted and reworked immediately, if there are any problems in braking, shifting, and driving angle.
Final Quality Control
The ebikes need to be finally inspected and tested when the assembly is completed.

Visual inspection. Check the frame if there are scratches and if the saddle, chain, tire, and connector are not properly assembled.

Function inspection. We will do a riding test to ensure that the electric bicycles can flexibly go straight and turn around, the LCD display shows all parameters normally, the intelligence pedal can be normally shifted, the motor works without abnormal sound, and the spokes and tires are correctly installed.

Performance inspection. Speed test, climbing test, brake test, shock absorption test on the bicycle will be carried out to ensure superior performance.
Outgoing Quality Control
When the products are shipped, the Saili factory strictly follows the agreement with the dealers and implements inspection before shipping. We mainly check user manuals, accessories such as chargers, mudguards, lighting devices, keys, and item lists, outer box labels.
 Our Brand Story 

Saili Motor brand was founded in 2006. At that time, electric bicycles in the Chinese market were just beginning to be popular. We made motor products for electric bicycles , From bicycles to electric bicycles. The main drive part is motor. The power of motor is the core advantage of an electric bicycle, so we named our motor "Saili Motor ". means Superpower ,We mainly produce direct motor with higher power for domestic electric bicycle market.


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